Marina Clunie

things6Marina lives in Velddrif, where she has a studio-gallery in Bokkom Avenue, on the banks of the Berg River. She does plein air paintings of the river, wetlands, old boats and jetties. The atmosphere of her paintings reminds one of the works of her favourite artists, Monet, Renoir, Manet and Turner.

For her, art is when the picture and the colour and the infatuation of what she sees are transferred onto canvas.

Her inspiration is the West Coast, water, old boats, never-ending beaches and the atmosphere of cloud-filled skies, which she depicts in oils and acrylics. Her parents probably had mystical insight when they christened her “Marina”, as water is her favourite subject.

Her paintings were accepted at the Vuleka/Sanlam Art Exhibition in Bellville in 2007.

In May 2009, she visited Paris. Her trip included a visit to the Louvre and Claude Monet’s house, studio and lily pond. The highlight for her was visiting the pond – a most awesome experience and a dream come true, as she has always admired Monet’s water lilies. She intends to paint the same scene from the photographs she took there.